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The CEA wishes to remain as an innovative professional body to serve with three main ideologies – Aptitude, Attitude and Aspiration (Triple A’s). The objective is to build and support professionals by leveraging the power of experience. CEA has been facilitating UK Professional Membership in many disciplines in recognition of an individual’s previous achievement in his/her area of profession. Membership is attainable through two main schemes for mature persons. The schemes are Accreditation for Career Progress Development (ACPD) and Affirmation for Prior Experience & Learning (APEL). The CEA also maintain higher educational facilitates for candidates to achieve the CEA qualifications via Professional Academic Route (PAR).




Since 2004, CEA has changed its concept for mature working candidates to obtain the membership from the option of a three hour examination methodology to a Continuous Consistent Assessment (CCA) scheme based on work experience and hands on training.

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Skill Certification



CEA’s Executive Board of Governors and Trustees conducted a consultation in the year of 2008 with their Independent Assessors and Verifiers British Examination Board (BEB) and came about to offer a special certification of endorsement for licensed working individuals. …

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Learning Awards

CEA has been providing UK Learning Qualifications and Learning Membership in recognition
of an individual’s achievement in his/her area of profession. The Corporation of
Executives and Administrators offers the following programs

  • Diploma Programmes
  • Higher Diploma Programmes
  • Executive Diploma Programmes
  • Postgraduate Diploma Programmes
  • English as a Fundamental Language
  • MBA Program with Kharkiv University